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Why test?

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 11, 2007


The tricky thing about interior performance or outdoor weathering is that it will likely cause undesirable changes in a product at some time. This point has to be taken into account from the way a product is formulated and manufactured to the way it is packaged and displayed on a store shelf. No matter how hard you try, there is just no escaping it. So right from the beginning you need to consider the impact of light, temperature, moisture and other environmental factors and accept that they will, somehow, affect your product.

Now, the main reason we test is to avoid product failure. Sure, you can develop a product, avoid thorough testing, launch it, and never look back, but is that a risk you want to take? Once your product is out in the market, so is your company’s reputation. The last thing you want is to destroy your brand image, lose customers, and spend considerable time and money doing damage control. Chances are, you want to catch performance problems with your product before you hear about it from your customers.

Undertaking a well-designed testing program allows you to see which environmental factors cause your product to break down in chemical, physical, or color and appearance properties. In addition, changes to your formulation and processing or even changes to the way a purchasing department orders materials, such as changes in grade or vendor, can all have an effect on product performance and durability. As you go through the testing process, you want to gain as much knowledge as possible about your product. This information can aid not only in quality and risk assessment, but also in product and processing improvements, competitive advantages, and cost reductions as well.

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