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RADVISION release ProLabTesting Suite with End-to-End support

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 12, 2007

From Business Wire

Radvision, a leading provider of video network infrastructure and developer tools for unified visual communications over IP, 3G, and emerging next-generation IMS networks, today announced the release of Version 5.0 of its ProLab Testing Suite, a comprehensive testing solution for voice and video over IP, IMS and 3G networks.

A pioneer in the area of media quality testing & analysis, RADVISIONs ProLab Testing Suite is a leading force in the industry. The suite is deployed throughout the world at major device manufacturers, network equipment providers, testing labs and service providers. RADVISIONs ProLab Testing Suite allows vendors and service providers to perform the rigorous testing and validation needed to ensure high quality, dependable product deployment. Based on RADVISION award-winning protocol toolkits, know-how and technological expertise in IMS, multipoint video over IP, and across the board interoperability, this powerful testing tool complies with the industry’s most recent standards.

This most recent version of the ProLab Testing Suite comes complete with an IMS testing solution with both IMS Terminals and IMS Servers. These include terminal emulation for High Definition generation and an IMS Server for simulating IMS Core Networks.

The ProLab Testing Suite provides a complete testing solution for emerging IMS and IMS SIP products, said Eli Cohen, Product Manager with RADVISIONs Technology Business Unit. ProLab also performs media and protocol analysis, including packet distribution, packet loss, bandwidth, errors, and more.

The media analysis and quality tools support analysis of RTP traffic and standard-based voice and video quality. This includes support for analysis of expected call flow, including call details and full automation to minimize testing time and deliver faster time-to-market.

With the ProLab Testing Suite, automated full regression testing can be conducted for components prior to release. Entire network systems can be emulated and tested prior to deployment, and end user service problems can be evaluated. Advanced tests and analysis, includes analyzing packet or frame loss, delay, and jitter checking. In addition, the ProLab Testing Suite simulates different network topologies

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