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Addressing the problem of testing a complex environment

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 25, 2007

From Java Sys Con

Software development organizations are also reaping the benefits of virtualization, leveraging virtual lab environments to reduce test equipment costs, slash test cycle times, and increase the quality of the applications and systems they deliver.

The highly dynamic nature of software development often requires operation on multiple technology platforms, operating systems, Web and application servers, and databases. Add to this the many different builds, patches, or regional versions that are delivered by development and you get an idea of the immense challenge test teams face providing adequate coverage.

This article explores new ways of integrating virtual environments seamlessly into the software testing process and demonstrates how modern test management technologies can align to enable a quantum leap in a test team’s ability to test more efficiently, across a wider range of environments, and with greater coverage of critical requirements to ultimately improve software quality across-the-board.

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