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User acceptance test completed for Telecom company

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 27, 2007

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Mauritius Telecom, the largest publisher of phone directories in Mauritius, has started live production of nxDSMP, nxPageSmart and nxAdSmart.

User Acceptance Testing was completed last month clearing the way for final data migration and live use. Mauritius Telecom is now positioned to start benefitting from the enhanced functionality and new media advertising capabilities.

Like many publishing companies globally, Mauritius Telecom’s advertising market has undergone changes and the net-linx suite introduces the necessary flexibility to adjust business models and advertising offerings in a more timely fashion, generally making Mauritius Telecom a more nimble organization.

Dev Hurkoo, General Manager of Teleservices, subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom which produces the directories, says “the new directory system from net-linx is central to our business development strategies and will help us greatly improve our productivity while providing key capabilities to create new business opportunities. net-linx has also constantly shown high commitment and support to Teleservices and we are really pleased with the business relationship”.

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