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Network Testing Labs Rates Mi5 Webgate

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 30, 2007

From Dark Reading

Mi5 Networks, the web security gateway company, today announced that its Webgate 009 has earned a World Class Award for Best Anti-Malware Gateway Device from Network Testing Labs. In comparative tests against a combination of Blue Coat Proxy SG8000 and AV2000 appliances, Webgate delivered superior accuracy in detecting web malware and up to 8 times the performance. In addition, Webgate provides infection detection, automated spyware removal, and botnet protection capabilities not available from any other vendor. A complete copy of the report is available at

According to Barry Nance of Network Testing Labs, “Webgate 009 is a superior gateway-architecture security solution for thwarting web malware. It’s more accurate, easier to use and more scalable than the SG8000/AV2000 combination of devices. Webgate offers better reports, is better-designed and – the icing on the cake – costs less. We recommend you look closely at MI5’s family of Webgate appliances.”

“Network Testing Labs confirms what we have known all along, proxy-based products are no match for the performance of the proprietary S2 streaming architecture that we have developed in Webgate,” said Doug Camplejohn, founder and CEO of Mi5 Networks. “These test results demonstrate that Webgate provides superior protection against web threats, including botnets, without introducing noticeable latency. As enterprises search for ways to consolidate the number of web security devices in their network, Webgate has the horsepower to support its current as well as future security processing capabilities.”

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