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What are some recent major computer system failures caused by software bugs?

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on October 2, 2007

From Softestclub

The above link leads to a list of 40 computer system failures caused by software bugs. The first four:

  1. A September 2006 news report indicated problems with software utilized in a state government’s primary election, resulting in periodic unexpected rebooting of voter checkin machines, which were separate from the electronic voting machines, and resulted in confusion and delays at voting sites. The problem was reportedly due to insufficient testing.
  2. In August of 2006 a U.S. government student loan service erroneously made public the personal data of as many as 21,000 borrowers on it’s web site, due to a software error. The bug was fixed and the government department subsequently offered to arrange for free credit monitoring services for those affected.
  3. A software error reportedly resulted in overbilling of up to several thousand dollars to each of 11,000 customers of a major telecommunications company in June of 2006. It was reported that the software bug was fixed within days, but that correcting the billing errors would take much longer.
  4. News reports in May of 2006 described a multi-million dollar lawsuit settlement paid by a healthcare software vendor to one of its customers. It was reported that the customer claimed there were problems with the software they had contracted for, including poor integration of software modules, and problems that resulted in missing or incorrect data used by medical personnel.

The key question is would these defects have been detected by better software testing. Well without knowing more about how they were tested or the defect it’s not really possible to be certain. But the fact that they all ended up on this list and damaged the reputation of these organisations suggests that risk-based testing reviews might not go amiss.

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