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Advances in testing tools for SOA

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on October 3, 2007

From Infoworld

Mindreef has integrated its SOAPscope Server SOA and Web services testing software with HP Quality Center, a centralized platform for managing processes and automating software testing.

SOAPscope Server tests for functional regression and performance. This adds to what Quality Center does, according to Mindreef. Teams can centralize and manage testing and automation efforts using HP Quality Center while leveraging Mindreef capabilities for Web services testing and SOA quality management.

Also offered now in SOAPscope Server is a command line interface. This allows Mindreef users to run load checks and test suites such as unit, functional and regression tests from a command line by running a test script. SOAPscope server can be integrated with a developer’s build infrastructure such as a Windows scheduler.

ITKO is announcing availability of Lisa 4 SOA Testing, a product suite for testing SOA. Featured is Lisa Virtual Service Environment, enabling distributed teams to deliver SOA applications in an agile and test-driven way, iTKO said. Service behaviors are captured and virtualized. Development and testing is freed from having to deploy and support test environments.

Rich Internet application testing in Lisa includes no-code test capture, management and dynamic staging and playback of functional and performance tests. Browser simulation is offered as well as testing for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Swing applets.

Dynamic load testing also is highlighted as is the ability to test business processes. These processes can be tested in a reusable, modular way.

Also, Lisa tests against access points of ESB systems, including JMS (Java Message Service) messages, Web services and connection databases.

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