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Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on October 5, 2007

From SoftJournal

Testing is a major stages of software quality assurance. Automated testing is one of its components. Testing automation uses special software to carry out tests. It helps to reduce time for application testing and simplifies the process itself.

Today many development tools are created to facilitate the work of programmers and to enhance the productivity, which in its turn increases that has increased requirements to software testers. Now they must process large information volumes within a short timeframe. Therefore the use of automated tests is necessary to save time and money.

Manual testing of complex applications is a time-consuming process. Another drawback of this kind of testing is that the results can not be saved and it is difficult to reproduce them. Automated tests allow both to simplify the process of manual testing and to make it convenient and accurate.

There are many software products for testing automation. The most popular software solutions are:

  • HP Mercury LoadRunner.
  • Borland Segue SilkPerformer.
  • IBM Rational TestStudio.

Automated software testing can not entirely replace manual testing. Automation of the whole testing process is a very expensive activity, and consequently automated testing is only a part of the process. The best way of using automated testing is a regressive testing.

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