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IBM Unleashes Rational Testing Tools For SME’s

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on October 8, 2007

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Among the new products is IBM Rational Build Forge Express Edition, a software development environment tuned for SMEs with a small development staff. This is IBM’s first Express line of products in the SME market. It’s designed to help standardise and automate repetitive tasks, manage compliance mandates and foster information-sharing.

There are two other Rational products in the works as well. IBM Rational Team Concert, Beta 1 is being released for open testing. Rational Team Concert is a collaborative portal for software teams to work together, while IBM Rational Performance Tester 7.01 and IBM Rational Functional Tester 7.01 are geared toward helping test the scalability, reliability and quality of applications while they are in development.

Another new tool is Tivoli Network Manager IP Entry Edition, an infrastructure management system designed to make it easier to give a mid-sized business an accurate picture of network performance in real time.  As a supplement to its Tivoli product line, IBM is releasing IBM Tivoli Consul Insight Manager, which provides “auditor-in-a-box” capabilities to test IT systems compliance from a single dashboard console.

IBM is also releasing Watchfire AppScan and Watchfire Web XM, which it acquired this past July. These tools help manage security, compliance and business policy vulnerabilities by mitigating risk associated with data breaches and reducing costs by automating manual processes. Another acquisition, Maximo software from MRO, is being released. Maximo is a productivity optimization tool for managing assets and processes.

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