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Easynet implements Ixia testing solution

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on October 10, 2007

From TMCNet 

Easynet, an official network and hosting company, has entered into an agreement with Ixia, offering IP performance testing, in a bid to unify and upgrade their network services and enhance their network performance.

By using Ixia’s testing solution, Easynet is able to introduce new services to market more efficiently and more quickly, while also ensuring Quality of Service for its business customers.

“Buying Ixia has helped us deliver superbly managed solutions. With Ixia, we can test network hardware before deploying it, which helps us make the best decisions about which hardware to buy,” said Djerk Geurts, Easynet Research and Development network engineer. “It has improved service designs and allowed us to unify our network access service across Europe.”

Easynet uses Ixia’s IxNetwork for performance testing throughout its global operations and had helped them to meet their commitment to deliver outstanding service to customers.

Easynet has also used Ixia Solutions to standardize its network access portfolio to upgrade its core Ethernet network to 10 gigabits.

“Easynet’s experience has proved that testing with Ixia prior to rolling out next-generation IP services can have a significant impact on the success of these new services,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and COO of Ixia in a statement to the press. “In addition, testing with Ixia’s proven converged IP platform can bolster a service provider’s ability to differentiate itself in a very competitive environment.”

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