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Flushed with success from Maximum Performance Testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on October 14, 2007

Who remembers this story Did she say road-testing or load testing orSoftware testing on the toilet? If those left you flushed, then you may wish to avoid this memorable story from detnews:

In 2002, the NAHB Research Center published a landmark study titled “Water Closet Performance Testing” for the Seattle Public Utilities and East Bay Municipal Utility District.The Research Centre was too politically correct to actually tell the public what the performance of each toilet was, but published a sliding scale that indicated the best- to worst-flushing models.

They tested 52 models. The rating scale went from a 0.0 for the best to 82.1 for the worst. The Toto Ultramax and Toto Ultimate Elongated Bowl tied for first with a performance index of 0.0.

Homeowners wanted more specific information. A consortium of Canadian and American water departments collected the most popular toilet models and had them tested. The test was called (MaP) Maximum Performance Testing. The new testing protocol incorporated the use of soybean paste that closely replicated the real thing.

In December 2003, the first MaP test report was published. It reported that 20 toilets flushed less than 250 grams of uniform soybean paste packets. Thirteen models flushed between 250 to 500 grams, and 11 flushed 500 grams or more.

The Toto Drake EL and the Gerber Ultra Flush EL tied for first place, flushing about 900 grams. The Crane Economiser RF and American Standard Cadet EL tied for third place flushing 750 grams. Eleven toilets were able to flush 500 grams or more.

This past July, the 10th edition of the MaP test results listed 142 toilet models that flushed 1,000 grams or more; 153 that flushed 900 grams; and an almost impossible to believe 356 toilets rated at 500 grams or more.

The sad note is that most of the manufacturers in the “Best Flushing Toilet” category, also have models among the worst flushers.

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