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Accuracy of BI data software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 19, 2007

From Thomas Net

MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software, today announced the availability of MicroStrategy Integrity Manager(TM), a new product that tests the accuracy of BI applications by validating data and report integrity. Introduced as part of MicroStrategy’s latest software release in September 2007, MicroStrategy Integrity Manager automates the report comparison process and verifies the consistency of reports as changes are made to the BI ecosystem.

Despite the increasing importance of BI applications, BI support teams may fail to validate report and data integrity because the validation process is too labor intensive and time consuming. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager automates this process and identifies inconsistencies and errors, enabling business people to rely on the accuracy of their BI reports and analyses.

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can detect, compare, and present inconsistencies in reports caused by changes in the BI environment. A BI system is composed of many technologies ranging from operational applications, ETL tools, DBMSs, BI tools, and server operating systems. These technologies are managed by different people including DBAs, ETL engineers, BI architects, BI administrators, BI developers, and system administrators. Any of these people can make a change that can cause an inadvertent error to be introduced in a report. With MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, data inconsistencies can be captured early in the development cycle, saving time in report testing, end user support, and issue resolution.

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