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RadView unveils product for load testing

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on October 30, 2007

From Flex Developers Journal 

RadView Software Ltd. has announced that its WebLOAD Professional has become a full-featured product to load test applications developed with Adobe Flex 2 software and the AMF3 protocol.  WebLOAD’s support for Adobe Flex covers all phases of load testing and enables users to record, edit, parameterize and load test their Flex applications.

Adobe Flex 2 is a cross-platform, open source application development framework that enables enterprises to create RIAs that dramatically enhance user experience and improve the way people interact with the web.

Designed specifically for Adobe Flex 2, the WebLOAD Flex Add-On enables viewing, editing, debugging and automatic verification of both the messages sent to the server and the AMF response returned from the server. During execution of the tests, WebLOAD allows users to monitor run-time statistics and its management console can also monitor pre-defined statistics for application services already integrated into the Flex environment such as XML\HTTP SOAP, Web Services, databases and more.

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