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Outsourcing accessibility testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 2, 2007

From IT Director

If you want your website to be accessible there are two things you absolutely have to do:

  • Specify that accessibility is essential in your requirements definition.
    Arrange that the site is tested for accessibility.
  • The first requires a bit more than just saying “the site must be accessible” but there are lots of examples of such requirements and people who can help you write them.

However, the second is much more difficult because:

  • Defining what needs to be tested is complex: what disabilities, what functions, what assistive technology, what browsers.
  • There are a variety of ways to do the testing: automated testing, desk checking by people who understand accessibility, testing by people with a variety of disabilities, testing by end-users.
  • The testing cannot be done solely by the developers because a developer is unlikely to have a sufficiently detailed understanding of the issues to test adequately.
  • You cannot do the testing because you are very unlikely to know all the variations that need to be tested.
  • Some of the testing needs to be done by people with disabilities and you may not have suitable candidates amongst your staff.
  • Not every variation of environment, disability and function can be tested so there is a need to do the tests that find the problems.

The answer is to outsource the testing to a specialist organisation.

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