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The software testing niche

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 3, 2007

From Business Line

The second factor was that no longer can you distinguish between consulting and IT delivery skills; “both have to blend into one package to improve your customer’s business performance,” says Prabhat, who has already added Malta to his operations in nine countries. Some East European countries and Vietnam are next in line; both promising low-cost delivery of certain services. “Vietnam and China operate between $8-11 an hour, against Indian companies charging a minimum $18 an hour. If they don’t charge $18, they make a loss. Since we are not asset intensive we can do it. We have evolved a new paradigm of efficiency which is we shouldn’t be doing everything, and get some things done by others. But when we do a certain number of things, we do them differently and not within the same asset-intensive environment.”

By definition his is an outsourcing company which outsources its work; and in India this is mostly to small companies. A “well hidden fact”, Prabhat points out, is that small companies in India have far higher efficiencies than larger companies, “being focused on a set of niche competencies.” For example, software testing is one of the hundred things a large company does, but “a software testing company does only that and hence does it best. Also, small companies have not acquired the bad habits of big companies… so many acres of land, manicured lawns. People think that manicured lawns come free; they don’t, and are built into the cost the customer pays. But small companies don’t have manicured lawns, helipads, golf courses, all of that is missing.” Also a small company is more motivated to provide quality; “it’s entrepreneurial versus an employee thing.”

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  1. vijay said,

    Prabhat is right. Small companies are more particular about the quality. It might be the business growing, competition but they are doing the fine job nowadays. The fact that the Indian companies are charging more per hour is absolutely correct and the lowering dollar value compared to rupees is the main reason for this. No doubt Quality from Indian companies is always better as compared to other low charging countries.

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    Thanks for the article Ian, excellent stuff.
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