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Eurostar test their London move

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 5, 2007

From The Telegraph

Eurostar is facing a massive challenge to shift its entire operation across London in a matter of hours, in the biggest move in the history of Britain’s rail industry.

The Eurostar team will have just 15 hours to move before the first train leaves the new St Pancras terminal

The company, which runs trains to France and Belgium, has spent three years planning its relocation from the existing base in Waterloo to St Pancras, where a Victorian train shed has been restored to its former glory and a 413m-long platform has been built to accommodate the longer trains.

Because of the scale of the move, Eurostar will stage some dress rehearsals – known as “volume testing” – to make sure St Pancras works smoothly when the first 7,600 passengers arrive at the station on the first day.They will go through the security arches, test the ticket machines and board the trains but will only travel as far as the new station at Ebbsfleet, Kent, 15 minutes away on the high speed line.

“It allows us to test our processes and make sure everything works.” Mr George explained.

“It’s also about our staff, many of whom have spent 13 years at Waterloo.

“They need to know how St Pancras works and what to do should things go wrong.”

St Pancras will boast what is believed to be the world’s longest champagne bar.

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