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Survey results on software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 8, 2007

From Tech Central

Ian Parkes of Coleman Parkes Research presented a report on a survey of testing in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. While some of the results reflected broader trends within the industry, indicating a growth in outsourcing of testing, there were also indications that testing was still seen as onerous and often left to the end of a project.

In Ireland, 77% of respondents said that software testing was an essential investment, despite this 47% still regarded it as a necessary evil. A worrying one in 10 said that it was an “afterthought”.

The results also showed that testing is often made part of the development budget and is among the first to be squeezed if difficulties are encountered. A significant 40% of Irish companies described their testing was inefficient while 46% said that it was difficult to know when enough testing had been done. Parkes indicated these figures showed a lack of planning and methodology applied to software testing.

A possible solution is a blended approach to testing, where some is outsourced. The service level agreements that result can be used as a framework to organise in house testing too, to ensure that standards are met. Recommendations were also made to get testers involved earlier in the process as this can significantly reduce potential losses from quality issues.

Arpit Kaushik, an independent consultant, made a presentation on the maturing market for outsourcing software testing. He suggested that a quality over quantity approach must prevail for the development of what he termed “outsourcing 2.0” services. Kaushik’s argument can be seen in full in the Tech Focus section.

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