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IBM and Autonomic Computing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 12, 2007

From CNN Money

IBM has renewed its long-standing commitment to reducing IT complexity by announcing new offerings that support the next phase of Autonomic Computing and deliver on the promise of self-managing, self-healing computing systems — a goal the company riveted its attention to more than six years ago.

Since laying out the autonomic challenge, IBM has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development to simplify computing systems and has integrated autonomic capabilities into over 500 product features in more than 100 distinct products and services. From technology driving Blue Gene\L, the world’s fastest supercomputer, to “self-healing” features now standard in its systems management software, the company has focused on simplifying datacenter operations with virtualization, provisioning, databases, maintenance, energy management, security and other areas.In the process, IBM has helped companies to lower costs and improve their operations. For example, in using IBM OPTIMIZETest — a new services offering that automates testing and assurance for IT operations — Marist College in New York has been able to speed its IT testing and autonomously provision and manage computer systems on demand, lowering the cost of provisioning storage and server systems. The college now does more testing in 50 percent less time while identifying potential problems earlier.

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