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Performance testing and measurement conference

Posted in Load testing by testing in London on November 16, 2007

From Earth Times

The Computer Measurement Group (CMG), the Information Technology professionals responsible for planning, measuring and managing the world’s largest IT infrastructures, announced it will provide industry-leading content for professionals responsible for performance testing of their hardware and software at the 33rd Computer Measurement Group 2007 annual conference taking place from December 2-7 in San Diego, CA at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

“Most experts agree that the skills necessary for performance testers require more than knowing how to create a script for a particular load testing tool. Systems are so complicated now that the sum of specialized expert views doesn’t give the whole performance picture. Performance testers must get the skills necessary to do their job,” said Alex Podelko, CMG Subject Area Co-Chair on Computer Performance Evaluation. “The question remains – how do performance testers get such skills at both a basic and advanced level? CMG’07 is the one single practical conference that covers all key topics regarding computer performance measurement and testing.”

Here are some of the sessions on measurement and testing:

  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing: A Heuristic Approach
  • Performance Assurance – Providing Value Beyond Performance Testing
  • Automating the Analysis of Load Test Results to Assess and Analysis Scalability, Stability of a Component
  • Performance Testing IS a Spectator Sport: Accelerate and the Workload Manager Testing Cycles with Collaborative Testing
  • An Approach for Accurately Recreating Web Workloads Management from Production Data
  • Software Performance Lifecycle at a Large National Bank
  • Normalising Load Testing Runs – What to do When Load Requirements Testing Runs are Inconsistent
  • How to Select Significant Workloads in Performance Models
  • Top 10 Ways to Kill a Software Performance Engineering Initiative
  • Performance Management – Top 10 Traps

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