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Functional testing tool from Agile development consultancy

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on November 18, 2007

From eweek 

Agile development consultancy ThoughtWorks is getting into the product business with a new functional test tool.  ThoughtWorks, a consultancy known for its focus on agile development, is jumping into the product market and will be delivering a functional test tool early in 2008.

The product, expected to be released in February, will be a set of tools that enable developers to create “functional tests, separate from the code, in a way that the users could use,” said Neville “Roy” Singham, chairman of ThoughtWorks. Tide, the code name for the product, stands for “Testing IDE [integrated development environment],” a company spokesperson said.

In essence, Tide comes from the need to manage functional tests independently of the way developers write software, Singham said. That idea is something ThoughtWorks worked on with programmer Ward Cunningham, who invented the concept. Cunningham created Fit, the Framework for Integrated Testing.

“We said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if businesspeople could keep their testable functional requirements and then, when I change technologies, I can keep those functional requirements in the test form?'” Singham said. “That would be a great thing for the business. Fit happened, but we never finished working on Fit together to make Fit tests easy or to reuse them so you can morph them. What happens is, over time, these things become brittle, just like code.”

IDEs were create to enable developers to update and manage code and so the code could evolve quickly, Singham said. “We needed a set of tools that would allow us to evolve functional tests … But … in order to run these tests they have to be somehow tied to coding,” he said.

Jim York, founder of FoxHedge, an agile development consulting firm, said he would welcome more tools based on Fit, such as FitNesse.

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