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NSE expansion in UAT

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 26, 2007

From KBC

Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) is increasing its trading capacity in anticipation of the Safaricom IPO.

NSE Chief Executive, Mr. Chris Mwebesa says the bourse has already ordered for additional servers to cater for the increased demand.

“The ATS (Automated Transaction System) that was commissioned last year has the capacity to handle 150,000 trades in a 3hr session, because of the Safaricom IPO, we anticipate our trading environment to triple, we are therefore increasing our servers to handle this trading traffic,” said Mwebesa.

The presentation of the draft information memorandum to the NSE comes immediately after the same was made this week to the capital markets regulatory body CMA.

During the presentation to the NSE, Investment Secretary Esther Koimett, said the government was considering using an electronic system of application for the Safaricom IPO.

User acceptance testing of the system is currently being undertaken, and we have already briefed the market regulator to see whether we can go forward with this system.”

Koimett said, discussions were currently going on between the capital markets regulator, and other stakeholders involved in the Safaricom IPO on the viability of the system.

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