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Posted in Software testing by testing in London on December 7, 2007

From Business Standard

Software testing is one of the fastest growing segments within the IT services industry. Though, on an average, software services are growing at about 10-12 per cent, testing is growing at more than 50 per cent per year.

Gartner has pegged the worldwide software testing market at $13 billion and the global outsourced software testing market in services to be around $6.1 billion. Of this, India is expected to corner a 70 per cent share.

Indian testing companies, however, are facing a host of challenges including lack of adequate talent and specialised certification programmes in testing to get youngsters into the profession. The estimated number of testers required in India is projected to be around 18,000 in the coming year, according to a Gartner report.

Shubendu Banerjee, vice-president of Intelligroup, puts the issue in perspective, saying, “Quality assurance (QA) is not the glamour job of the software world yet. Rather than developing new applications, QA engineers test products built by others. With quality a watchword through the highly-competitive industry, companies do not have the luxury of releasing software that hasn’t undergone substantial testing. With importance building on quality and related return on investment (ROI) considerations, quality assurance jobs in India are gaining in popularity.”

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