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New IBM Rational testing tools

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on December 12, 2007

From Information Week

IBM is offering new Rational tools that include support for specific industries, the company said Tuesday. Its new Rational Test RealTime tool supports flight avionics and defense software testing as well as the MISRA standard for embedded software of the automotive industry.

Rational Test RealTime is a development tool aimed at automating the quality and reliability testing of software embedded in airplane controls, gun and missile guidance systems and other aerospace and defense systems. It supports the DO-178B standard approved as the measure of airplane software reliability by the FAA. It also supports Defense Standard 00-55 on software reliability.

Moran also said the existing tools, Rational Systems Developer and Rational Software Modeler, support a new Object Management Group standard, Unified Modeling Language Profile for Department of Defense Architecture Framework [DoDAF] and the UK’s Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework [MoDAF]. The Object Management Group is an industry consortium that has set standards for integration software such as object brokers.

The framework allows different defense systems to be modeled in common terms and symbols, easing integration issues after being developed separately, Moran said. Defense software developed according to the OMG standard becomes more interoperable, allowing a plane to function in closer coordination with a ship or Army tank that when the systems are developed with no shared architectural framework.

“Defense organisations use these standards to build systems today that they want available tomorrow for use with future systems,” she said. By storing the software models, a Northrop system built today can be linked to a future Raytheon system, or vice versa.

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