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Independent software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on December 16, 2007

From Computerworld

Software complexity, size, time to market and user sophistication have led to development of software testing as an independent discipline. This white paper analyses different testing engagement models in terms of its organisation structure and interaction mechanism with the development organisation. Given the increasingly specialised nature of software testing, outsourcing to organisations having an independent testing practice brings significant advantages to cost, quality, and time to market for software applications and products.

Complex business needs, multiple delivery and computing platforms, time to market compulsions and increasing user sophistication have lead to exponential increase in software complexity and size. This trend has created avenues to examine paradigms that emphasize on software development and testing as dedicated streams in software engineering. In this context, we have analysed three engagement models between testing and development to highlight the benefits and challenges.

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  1. Matrix Systems & Technologies, Inc said,

    Testing and software assurance is a need for any organization in the development of their systems. IV&V should also be a part of the process.

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