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Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on December 21, 2007

From TBO

The nation’s largest desalination plant has passed a final round of testing and is now officially part of Tampa Bay Water’s regional water supply system.

The Apollo Beach plant successfully completed a 14-day acceptance test during which it produced 25 million gallons of fresh water a day for a week, then 28 million gallons a week later.

The acceptance test was the final act in the difficult and expensive four-year struggle to get the plant operating properly.

Tampa Bay Water, the regional water supplier, hired American Water-Pridesa to rebuild the plant after it was shut down in June 2005 because of ongoing equipment failures.

With the successful acceptance test, American Water can now collect the final $3 million payment on its $29 million contract.

“Way back in 2004, I promised you a world-class facility,” said Kent Turner of American Water at the Tampa Bay Water board meeting Monday. “We’ve done that.”

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