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Wi-Fi acceptance testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on January 14, 2008

From Wi-fi Planet 

Acceptance testing.

This testing and surveying should be performed after a municipal network is completely installed but before the network is used and officially accepted by the city (or other network owner). This is to make sure the network is up to the defined specs—comparable to post-site surveys of wireless networks within buildings. Acceptance testing includes similar tasks used for pilot testing, however more in-depth. Field testing could take two to three weeks, with an additional two weeks for a report to be generated.

These testing and surveying tasks should be performed by companies or organizations not involved, and with no stake, in the project—in other words, an independent consultant with wireless networking (and preferably muni wireless) experience. This reduces the chance of intentional false and exaggerated reports. If a city or other organization is spending millions to unwire a city, the design and final product should be verified by a third-party.

Performance requirements. The performance requirements should have also been stated within agreements and contracts, such as:

    • Throughput. For example 1 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload.
    • Latency. For instance, 100 ms or less to support voice or video applications.
    • SNR (Signal-Noise-Ratio). For example, a minimum of 25dB SNR to support voice applications.
    • Back-up power. For instance, at least two hours of battery life once the main power source of a mesh node or backhaul link is lost.

Stay tuned—the next installment will discuss the testing and surveying tasks for each phase.

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