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Vodafone tests new technology

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on January 27, 2008

From Cnet

Wireless carrier Vodafone Group is testing femtocell technology, which uses mini base stations in homes and small offices to improve indoor 3G coverage.

The larger version of this concept is the picocell, which is already an established technology for ensuring 2G/GSM coverage in corporate settings. Femtocells, however, are designed to improve 3G mobile-broadband coverage by rerouting data use off the operators’ cellular networks and onto wired DSL connections where possible. As mobile-Internet usage grows in popularity, such an approach has great appeal for operators worrying about the strain on their 3G network capacity.

An article in The (London) Times on Thursday claimed that Vodafone was “considering products from (femtocell) suppliers such as Ubiquisys.” Speaking to ZDNet UK on Friday, the founder and chief technology officer of Ubiquisys, Will Franks, said he could not confirm or deny the report.

Femtocell technology has attracted significant interest and investment in the last six months. T-Mobile recently announced its own trials, while Cisco Systems bought an undisclosed stake this week in the U.K. femtocell supplier IP.access. Ubiquisys, also a U.K. company, received an undisclosed investment from Google in July 2007.

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