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Usability is important. So is usability testing.

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 4, 2008

From Velocity

Make no mistake, usability is very, very important to the success of your web site. A poorly constructed site is a curse for the type of people you’re trying to communicate with (knowledge workers, ‘C’ types and senior managers – all of whom are busy people). Usability is often the critical difference between a 10-second visit and a ten minute accompanied by a download, registration or purchase. Without it, you’ll find that your site becomes too ‘bouncy,’ and not ‘sticky’ enough to do what it’s supposed to do.

Usability is extremely under-valued and badly practiced in B2B environments. A lot more energy goes into creating good looking web sites than high performing web sites. This is probably because many B2B companies are still in a ‘brochureware’ mindset when it comes to the web. But to ignore usability at the outset of a web design project is folly – especially since it’s done so incredibly well elsewhere.

By taking a handful of pages from agenda-setting B2C e-commerce sites, this paper looks at why usability is critical to your success, how to build it in to your site at source, and how to test that it’s serving your commercial goals. It also takes in a number of case studies to illustrate best practices – from sites such as Amazon and
In our estimation, designing for usability is a must. It’s also easy to do if you start with it as a goal.

Usability testing

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  1. aharrouy said,

    Thank You Very Much man …..

  2. navtej kohli said,

    Wish I had the talent to write such posts…. Yes.. usability is important and it’s worthless to have a well designed site with poor usability and that too if it fails in functionality testing… I had my group websites designed and developed through a professional company and after going through the article when I enquired about any usability testing process..they said we have QA deptt.. so I asked for the testing reports for my ecommerce websites and all I found is that lacks usability testing parameters.. I donknow how long such companies will take to imbibe the concept and enhance their performance.

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