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Fatique and dynamic testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 14, 2008

From Composites Teschnology

Instron has introduced WaveMatrix, a Windows-based software package for fatigue and dynamic testing of materials and components. The software can run static ramps to simple cyclic and trapezoidal or random waveforms, as well as multistep, multiaxial tests. It’s designed with integrated tabular screens, a time-based matrix test preview and a configurable live test workspace. The software features a built-in project organizer that can be used to catalog tests and results: Users can track and save data in folders organized by test ID, with all data saved in CSV file format. Additional features include a context-sensitive online help system, synchronized temperature control and monitoring, and full integration with the company’s test system 8800 controller. The latter enables 1-millisecond step transfer times, allowing seamless control mode transfers and instantaneous test event actions as well as minimized stress relaxation in critical specimens.

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