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New software testing tool for C and C++

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 20, 2008

From PR Web

Dynamic Memory Solutions, a leading developer of software testing and debugging tools for C and C++, today announces the latest release of the most advanced software debugging tool, Dynamic Leak Check for HP-UX Itanium, introducing support for 32-bit applications.

Dynamic Leak Check for HP-UX Itanium is a high speed memory leak and heap corruption detector. Dynamic Leak Check detects many difficult to diagnose software errors in C and C++ applications. It now supports both HP-UX 64-bit and 32-bit applications running on Itanium architecture.

Richard Harper, Chief Operating Officer of Dynamic Memory Solutions states, “We are pleased to announce 32-bit application support in our newest release of Dynamic Leak Check for HP-UX Itanium servers. Additionally, our support for 64-bit applications is better than ever. Expanding the capabilities of our products is just one example of our commitment to our customers as well as our desire to offer all HP-UX Itanium users our uniquely fast and easy to use tools. As with the Solaris and Linux versions, Dynamic Leak Check for HP-UX Itanium does not require a recompile or relink of the software being tested. This saves companies performing software development countless hours of testing while producing a rapid return on investment.”

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