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Software defect crashes London Heathrow’s luggage system

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 21, 2008

From IT World Canada

LONDON – Leave your luggage behind, British Airways told travellers Wednesday morning after a software upgrade crashed baggage handling systems at Heathrow Airport. The failure affected thousands of passengers at London Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4 (T4).

Thousands of long haul travellers travelling with British Airways have been asked to travel without luggage if they are flying from Heathrow Airport’s T4 Wednesday.

The terminal has two sorting machines for built-in redundancy in case of system failure. However, the upgrade managed to bring down both machines.

BAA said it had technicians working all night to try to identify and then fix the problem. The system is currently running, however BAA is continuing to test the system to restore it to its full capacity before carriers can use it again.

Along with BA, the baggage handling failure is affecting Qantas, KLM, Air Kenya and SN Brussels.

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  1. Dan Skwire said,

    Sorry for the problem. I’d love to help engineer a better solution, so any problems stand a chance of being SOLVED on its FIRST occurrence, rapidly. A rather primitive idea, but very helpful.

    Heathrow airport luggage problem? Deja vu all over again. Where is my luggage from a flight to Heathrow circa 1997> That also was a massive impact incident. Only time ever that my luggage was permanently lost, not just delayed….We made the connecting flight, but the luggage never did…Yes, British Airways.

    Contact me. I’ll take my luggage on board the plane – travel light… 🙂
    Dan Skwire
    Sarasota, FL. USA

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