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IMS expands to include OSS/BSS and billing systems

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 24, 2008

From TMC net

he IMS Forum’s fourth IMS Plugfest event, to be held February 25-29, 2008, at the University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab in Durham, N.C., has been expanded to include billing and OSS/BSS support for IMS.

The IMS Forum Plugfests are industry networking events which bring together dozens of industry-leading IMS vendors to collaborate and work on projects together. For a period of five days, programmers and software developers from around the world build real, full-featured IMS networks which are tested after completion. By giving these vendors access to multi-vendor interoperability test beds, leading test equipment, IMS cores and applications, as well as multi-protocol engineering expertise, they can speed product development and help ensure interoperability between their products. They can also reduce time-to-market and acceptance testing cycles by pinpointing bugs and conformance issues.

In addition, these vendors can have their products and services validated by a respected industry organization, while working out of a respected third-party lab. Thus, these Plugfests serve as the initial “proving ground” for industry-recognized certification for IMS applications and services interoperability.

The IMS Forum and the UNH IOL will hold an open house and round table conference on Feb 28 to allow IMS service providers, analysts, equipment vendors and system integrators to witness IMS Plugfest IV live. The open house will also include a live demonstration of IMS benchmarking. The round table will be moderated by Ronald Gruia, principal analyst, emerging telecoms, at Frost and Sullivan.

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