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Performance testing virtualization software

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 26, 2008

From TheHN 

Automated web load and stress testing software developer, Web Performance, Inc. (WPI), has released its latest investigative research on virtualization software, VMware ESX Server 3.

Server virtualization is considered one of the most significant changes in IT operations in the past decade, making it possible to manage groups of servers with a greater degree of reliability at a lower cost. For some IT operations managers, however, questions remain about how much overhead virtualization adds. In addition, how much slower does a single web application run in a virtualized server compared to a regular, non-virtualized server?

The latest performance report from Web Performance, Inc. takes a look at a typical PHP-based web application, and measures the performance both with and without virtualization in the premier virtualization product VMWare ESX.

The test was set up with two identical software installations, one running directly on hardware, i.e. the traditional server configuration, and another running inside a virtual machine. Any server-based application would have sufficed; for the test the open source CRM package SugarCRM was used. The primary measure of performance used for the test is user capacity, which we define that as the number of simultaneous users that the system can support while meeting the specified performance criteria.

The results showed that the number of simultaneous users that could be handled by the virtualized server was 14% lower than the number of simultaneous users being handled by the traditional server configuration.

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