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Exploratory testing and SQL for Testers

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 1, 2008

From Dbusiness News 

Mobius Labs, an independent software testing lab, has announced their spring training series. In March, they are hosting Exploratory Testing Practicum and SQL for Testers. These two courses are part of an ongoing initiative to establish Mobius Labs as a center of testing expertise. Mobius Labs is committed to enriching the software testing community in Indiana.

Courses will be presented by industry experts Mike Kelly, David Christiansen and Karen N. Johnson. For further information on these instructors, see their bio’s near the end of this release.

“There is a huge need for qualified testers here in the Midwest,” said Alan Wlasuk, Owner of Mobius Labs. “These courses introduce both fundamental and advanced topics to build their skill set. We are very fortunate that Mike, Dave and Karen were willing to teach these programs.”

Exploratory Testing Practicum, lead by Mike Kelly and David Christiansen, will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, March 19th and 20th in the Mobius Labs conference room. Course material will provide participants with a hands-on introduction to exploratory testing.

Day one’s Program Content will include:

  • A hands on Introduction to exploration
  • Exploratory test theory
  • Techniques for simultaneous learning
  • Test design
  • Test execution

Day two’s Program Content will include:

  • Test a variety of applications
  • Convene after each test session to discuss various approaches

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