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Parasoft Continuous Quality Award

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 7, 2008

The Parasoft Continuous Quality Award honours one organization that has demonstrated the commitment to address software quality as a process across the development lifecycle. Honorees, such as AOL, take measures to prevent errors and leverage continuous regression testing to make their organizations more agile while facing complexity and change. Winners are selected by a panel of judges that evaluate entries based on the achievement of targeted business results and measurable development improvements.

AOL transformed their traditional subscription-based ISP to a Service-Oriented Architecture. This move was part of AOL’s strategy to provide fast integration of custom services for new and current business partnersboth internal and external alike. AOL determined that testing their Web services was a necessary part of this transformation and adopted the Parasoft SOA Quality Solution as part of the process.

Parasoft’s SOA Quality Solution provided an automated infrastructure that enabled SOA quality as a continuous process, allowing AOL to reap the full benefits of its SOA initiative.

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