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Kicking the User Acceptance Testing dependency

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 10, 2008

From CIO 

We need to test functionality at the level of the architecture that implements that functionality. If the UI isn’t doing business logic, we don’t even test business logic at the UI, instead we need to test what the UI does. In this case – the UI creates dynamic screens and generates XML mailboxes.At the middle tier, we need to test the actual business logic, and even there I could go on about how we could take apart the components of the back-end system to make sure that the individual parts of the back-end are doing their respective jobs correctly.

So we might be able to take what typically would be thousands of fragile UI tests at tremendous cost of maintenance and take that down to maybe just 100 or so — and, instead, have hundreds upon hundreds of functional tests that are back-end oriented, much less fragile, and much more robust.

User acceptance testing 

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