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BT adopts agile programming

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 13, 2008

From Computerworld

Ramji, Rangaswami and other BT IT leaders also had to convince IT managers and staffers that agile didn’t necessarily mean they were deemphasizing software quality assurance and testing. “Historically, we used to do 16 or 17 different types of tests” before a system was put in production, says Rangaswami. “Now we’ve determined that only one test matters — from customer concept to completion.”

BT’s shift to agile has been a boon to developers like Buckley. “The main advantage I see is that you spend more time working on the right [system] features by talking to customers all the time and working on it,” he says. This is instead of incorporating customer requirements into software development under a waterfall approach, which includes testing the system with end users and then discovering “this isn’t really what they wanted,” says Buckley.

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