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Web application testing firm Cenzic secures $10m funding

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 17, 2008

From Mashable

Cenzic, a company which offers its clients testing and assessments on Web application security, has announced having reached two-thirds its goal in its latest round (Series D) of funding, according to PEHub. It seeks a total of $15m in investments. Cenzic has been a privately-listed, VC-funded services-oriented entity since 2001.

The market in which Cenzic operates is a large one. More and more Web applications are being produced every week, and a good portion are targeted at enterprise customers. Yet Web security is a still a sensitive, porous area. Cenzic claims that some 90% of such applications are vulnerable to infiltration and the compromise of data. Therefore its field of play, as it were, is an expansive one, and will only increase in size and activity. Because businesses will continue to take advantage of the convenience and efficiency for internal and external communications in using Web-based software, the prospects for Cenzic are far reaching.

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