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Scalable modeling and simulation software

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 19, 2008

From Earth Times

Scalable Network Technologies, Inc. (SNT), the leader in wireless network evaluation, announced the release and availability of QualNet 4.5, the newest update to their flagship software product. QualNet is high-speed, high fidelity modeling and simulation software for predicting wireless, wired and mixed-platform network and networking device performance. Since introduction in 2000, QualNet has defined a new category of evaluation tool that meets the demand for real-time, real-network performance testing for today’s sophisticated wireless networks. Customers include major aerospace and defense contractors, the US Department of Defense, mobile network operators, research agencies and universities.

Enhancements to QualNet 4.5 include a new sensor network library for Zigbee, new Information Assurance/Network Security Library, parallel updates, new models and updates to current models.

Scalability testing

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  1. aditya said,

    Hello …
    Please can you give us any links for simulating the IBE scheme on Qualnet 4.5 . Or if that’s a tad too hard .. could you provide us with any codes for implementing a netwrok on Qualnet 4.5???

    We ppl need it desperately !! If you can understand wat I mean !! Please …

  2. Joanna said,

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