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Three kinds of testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 23, 2008

From Hindu Business Online 

Three kinds of testing services will emerge in the future, he says:

  • Pure technical testing services, which is primarily bringing to bear testing resources to execute ‘technical’ focused testing, in a manual-intensive manner, or, increasingly through the use of testing tools.
  • Business testing, which is high-end, needs some understanding of the business and domain as well.
  • Regulatory testing, which is where the testing is focused around ensuring that the new applications being implemented are in conformance with regulatory requirements that the company will be held accountable for.

The need for this often emerges at board level, given the increasing concern around board/CEO exposure to regulatory compliance requirements.

This category of testing will see increasing alliances between the traditional Risk Management/Auditing firms that deal with compliance issues and the Application Service Providers who provide the ‘lower end’ testing knowledge and capability, which the Risk Management firms do not possess and cannot/do not want to acquire.

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