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New test management system released

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 24, 2008

From Newswire Today 

Zephyr today announced the availability of their Next Generation Test Management System. Zephyr boasts a comprehensive set of test management features that facilitate superior management of all aspects of a Test Department and increase tester productivity and efficiency. Zephyr introduces numerous innovations to the world of test management with Testing Desktops, Real Time Collaboration, Live Reporting and Web 2.0 features, all packaged in a slick UI.

Zephyr has been designed for Test Engineers, by Test Engineers who have experienced the key challenges faced by testing professionals today. These range from having to manage multiple applications to coordinate and manage testing projects, to the frequent reporting requirements from project teams, upper management and customers, to the additional management overhead of keeping geographically dispersed teams in sync and working together.

Today, QA and software testing departments are forced to use multiple disparate, outdated applications to plan, manage, and execute their day-to-day work. Zephyr closes the gap in these product offerings by managing every aspect of a test department — its people and resources, projects and releases, test assets, documents, test case and data repositories, execution cycles, defect tracking and reporting. It does this by providing a centralized repository server and customized web client views via Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Zephyr provides up-to-date status of all aspects of testing via interactive testing desktops, live dashboards, and instant communication features.

With Zephyr, companies can achieve increased productivity and efficiency, and improved quality of testing. Centralized and contextual department and project test assets, along with integrated management dashboards and communication, enable test departments to increase visibility, improve productivity, create higher quality products and services, and achieve faster time-to-market — saving time and money.

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  1. Anil said,

    It might be convenient to use different tools for testing, bug tracking and product development for some people. But not for me. I prefer to do everything in one place and to use just one tool for all the operations. I use Wrike.

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