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Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 1, 2008

From Stars and Stripes

A staff sergeant charged with running his unit’s drug testing program was found guilty in a general court-martial Friday of using marijuana himself and engaging in a conspiracy to hide another soldier’s drug use.

Staff Sgt. Shawn Walker pleaded guilty to six charges in all and was sentenced to eight months in prison, loss of $898 in pay a month during that span, reduction in rank to E-1 and a bad-conduct discharge.

Walker was also a unit prevention leader for a platoon of the 14th Movement Control Battalion, responsible for collecting urine samples from soldiers in his unit. But he admitted to providing advance warning to that same private four or five times about upcoming surprise screenings. He also asked a sergeant who was supposed to be observing the test to urinate into a cup for the private in one instance when it was thought the private would test positive. That sergeant did so and the private’s drug use remained undiscovered at the time.“The accused used his rank and position to undermine the system,” Barnard said.

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