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Testing the performance of wireless devices

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 3, 2008

From Marketwire

Determining how a device will perform on a particular wireless network is getting a lot easier. In fact, testing wireless device performance is now almost as easy as… well, as easy as downloading a ringtone, thanks to Metrico Wireless.Metrico Wireless’ Datum Mobile solution enables wireless carriers and manufacturers to evaluate the performance of any wireless device in the field — testing issues such as network throughput, packet loss and jitter — simply by using software that is easily downloadable into phones.

This provides a whole new way to measure device performance. For instance, comparing and contrasting the performance of the latest devices from Samsung and Motorola no longer involves sending engineers into the field armed with phones connected to laptops.

Instead, carriers can now rely on “friendly” customers to help them evaluate the performance of such devices, simply by letting these friendly customers use the phones before they are released to the mass market. Using the Datum Mobile software, these devices continually “report” standard performance measures to a central database, making the need to drive-test new devices practically obsolete. In theory, wireless carriers can now turn their customers into network engineers.

The ability to test device performance simply by downloading software into a device provides a huge potential cost-savings for carriers, particularly in light of the move to more open networks. In this environment, a carrier must ensure that any phone that is compatible with its network will not cause performance problems. Using Datum Mobile, wireless carriers can test a wide range of phones without tying up expensive engineering resources for days or even weeks.

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