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Honda Racing team boosts website

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 4, 2008

From Computer Weekly

With the Formula One season kicking off this weekend in Melbourne, Honda Racing F1 Team has used Empirix to help it revamp its website, which now offers a dedicated racing TV channel and news.

The Honda Racing F1 Team has utilised Empirix eLoad Expert Services to ensure the new website is robust enough to handle the peak traffic expected during racing weekends, and that the applications work as planned.

Empirix eLoad Expert enabled the Honda Racing F1 Team to test performance and scalability of its Website. eLoad Expert was used to simulate thousands of concurrent users to analyse the performance of Web applications under typical or peak traffic volumes and identify any potential problems before the applications on the website went live. It also enabled the Honda Racing F1 Team to monitor the performance of back-end application infrastructure during the load test to identify bottlenecks and further tune application performance.

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  1. Free Website Monitoring Solutions said,

    aha eloadexpert can be used to simulate a lot of visitors to site, what pricetag is that app on?

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