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SpikeSource provides automated software platform for testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 7, 2008

From InfoWorld

SpikeSource on Friday launched SpikeSource Solutions Factory, which the company describes as an automated platform for assembling, testing, and updating software.

Open-source, proprietary, and hybrid solutions are covered, SpikeSource said. Solutions Factory reduces time and cost required for ISVs to build and maintain software solutions, the company said. Through integration with global distribution networks of partners, Solutions Factory enables ISVs to sell offerings at a fraction of the typical cost, said SpikeSource.

“The SpikeSource Solutions Factory is a game-changing platform that fundamentally shifts the way software is developed and delivered,” said Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource, in a statement released by the company. “Not only does it enable ISVs to bring to market whole product solutions that are vertically certified for the entire solution stack, including the application, operating system and underlying hardware, the Solutions Factory allows ISVs, for the first time, to deliver certified solutions that are updated and maintained on an ongoing basis, providing end customers with continuous quality assurance.”

Featured in Solutions Factory is a testing framework performing unit, functional, regression, and other testing before certification. Automated workflow and a Web-based dashboard simplify testing and certification, SpikeSource said.

The company said Solutions Factory enables ISVs to deliver channel-ready solutions that result in fewer support calls and lower support costs. Also featured in Solutions Factory is SpikeNet, for testing and delivering product updates via a managed service.

With Solutions Factory, ISVs can leverage a catalog of pre-tested components and stacks to build and maintain solutions. SpikeSource said that Solutions Factory enables ISVs with limited brand recognition to gain trust of prospective customers. SpikeSource certification assures customers that ISV solutions meet quality standards, the company said.

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