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What is the job title of this testing role?

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 8, 2008
  • Review requirement and technical specifications and develop test plans.
  • Write and execute test cases, log and resolve defects with the relevant parties, ensuring re-testing and closure.
  • Undertake system, end-to-end and regression testing on handsets and websites.
  • Undertake load, soak and performance testing using automated test tools. This includes the participation in planning of testing activities, development of test scripts and scenarios, executing scripts and monitoring & analysis of test results
  • Provide assistance to internal and external operational staff in the performance of operational acceptance testing.
  • Technically test applications and infrastructure, including J2ME, Oracle, Sun and Apache technologies.
  • Work with external parties to ensure that products adhere to certifiable standards.
  • Co-ordinate with technical and non-technical teams within the company and third parties in agreeing test plans, data, tools, resources and timescales, with reporting on the results of such agreements.
  • Assist in problem discovery, logging, and re-testing of new functionality.

Well the answer is senior test analyst (see here). Looks an extremely broad requirement with a mixture of non-functional and functional testing along with both test management and hands on testing. Where is Clark Kent when you need him!

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