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Set-top box (STB) testing tool

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 10, 2008

From Cambridge Network

Mirifice Ltd recently added the new product, MiriATE, to its expanding product range. MiriATE is a modular, scalable solution for the automated testing of set-top boxes (STBs).

Geoff Aitken, Business Development Manager at Mirifice, says, “MiriATE is the world’s most powerful automated test environment for STBs. We are confident that 75% of testing, which is currently carried out manually, can be automated by MiriATE. This level of automation can halve the cost of testing. No one else in the marketplace has the same offering.”

A key component for the testing carried out by MiriATE is the hardware that is required in order for MiriATE to control the STBs. RedRat Ltd, a market leader in the area of automated control of audio/visual equipment, is supplying the ethernet controlled irNetBox-Pro for networked control of STBs by the MiriATE software.

Chris Dodge, Technical Director of RedRat, says, “MiriATE is the most comprehensive STB testing system we have seen, providing the kind of STB test, analysis and reporting capabilities that we know many companies have been asking for. We are very pleased that Mirifice have chosen to use the irNetBox-Pro as part of MiriATE, providing many of our customers with the option of moving to a MiriATE based testing environment while utilising their current investment in RedRat hardware.”

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