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New software test automation tools

Posted in Automated testing by testing in London on April 19, 2008

From eMediawire

Ascert has announced two new products. VersaTest Simulator is a prepackaged device and interface testing solution that leverages the industry’s most powerful server-based testing engine, VersaTest, with an easy to use, browser-based test-control interface. “This offering is a first for our company and for the industry,” said Andrew Mould, Managing Partner of Ascert. “VersaTest Simulator is designed with a set of tools specifically focused on companies needing to fast-start their testing programs. Best of all, VersaTest Simulator is priced at a point that any budget can afford.”

Another first for the company is the launch of VersaTest Automator, a powerful end-to-end test automation tool for use in enterprise environments that support multiple devices and interfaces. “Many software testing providers talk about automation but we believe that VersaTest Automator is the first to truly deliver on that talk,” says Mould. “This is a very powerful tool for testing automation. Our products are known as top tier testing solutions and VersaTest Automator builds on that reputation and takes the industry several giant leaps forward. Our customers who have used early versions of the product have found significant time savings, and that translates into a huge return on investment for them.”

With open-ended 3rd party integration as a key component, VersaTest Automator provides the ability to connect to enterprise test management systems such as HP’s Quality Center greatly expanding the reach and relevance of those systems. By providing the linkage between the management tools and the simulators which actually execute the tests, VersaTest Automator can eliminate the gap that exists between test documentation, simulation and true test automation.

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