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Posted in testing tool by testing in London on April 21, 2008

From Search Security

You can and should do some basic security testing from your Windows handheld devices, such as smart phones and PDAs. There are free testing tools available but these won’t necessarily work on every version/model of Windows handhelds. You’ll have to read the fine print to see if your platform is supported. But if it is and you have a wireless network connection on your device with a supported wireless adapter, you should be good to go.

Here are some tools to check out:

  • NbtstatCE — a tool for enumerating NetBIOS name tables on remote Windows systems
  • Netcat 4 wince — a tool for port scanning and establishing outbound and inbound TCP/UDP connections on a Windows system
  • vxUtil — an all-in-one tool for gathering Windows DNS information, port scanning, ping and traceroute, whois lookups and more
  • MiniStumbler — the handheld version of the popular NetStumbler wardriving tool
  • WiFoFum — an alternative to MiniStumbler with GPS support as well (compatible with Windows Mobile 6)
  • GSFinder+ (and theoretically any search tool on a networked handheld) — a tool for connecting to Windows network drives and searching for sensitive unstructured information that’s not stored securely. I’m a big fan of using text search tools as a security and compliance tool as I outlined in my tip, The problem with unstructured information. It’s often overlooked, but unstructured, unprotected information stored in files across the network is a big security problem. Now you can perform this critical task from the palm of your hand.

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