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Quality Assurance speeds up project delivery

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on April 23, 2008

From ITWeb

In addition, testing, independent of a broader quality assurance strategy, is not enough to ensure that a deliverable will be aligned with actual requirements and that the applications released into the operational environment will be made to an acceptable performance standard and level of reliability.


Because a quality assurance methodology includes identifying the development tools – such as fault logging, source code repository, document repository, and automated testing – to use.

It defines the standards to be adhered to – including coding, naming conventions in the database, and report layout.

It defines the software development process – including the controlling of change.

It stipulates the application release process – and should cover software builds, database changes, environment changes, and document updates.

Naturally, it will define the testing methodology, covering everything from test definition and planning to testing techniques

And, it should contain a full set of documentation templates for each step in the process – from a fault or bug report and a test strategy to document templates for requirements, minutes and plans.

Testing and Quality Assurance Services

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